Why i am different

Why am I different? I could go on an ego fueled rant about how my skills and designs are so much better than the next person; but the truth of it is, design is subjective. What you may think is an amazing design, someone else is going to think it is rubbish. It’s just like that shirt your boss always wears that you absolutely hate.

No matter what situation, design is subject to the eyes of the beholder; so don’t fall for all of that “my design skills are the best” crap that 80% of the design population use in their elevator speeches. I could also write an essay on how my industry experience and qualifications make me better; but that is not why I am different.
To explain, let me tell you a little story.
Years ago I found myself working for a quite large company. Let’s call them company “X”. When I first started working for “X”, I listened to the manager’s introduction about how their company provided everything a customer could ever imagine – a one stop shop so to speak. I was impressed! “Wow!” I thought. How lucky am I to be working for such a magnificent company? I pondered what brilliant opportunities and experience working for this company would bring to my career. Opportunities and experience it did bring, but not in the way you would think.
After working for “X” for a few years, I came to realise a dark secret that was the driving factor of the business: The managers didn’t give a damn about the customer. They only cared about the money a customer would bring in. Please read that last sentence again and let that sink in. I bet I know what you are thinking: “Ummmm, isn’t that what a business is for??”. No, not in my eyes. After observing how “X” pushed customers in and out like cars on a production line and charging them for every little ounce of resource, I decided company “X”’s values did not align with mine and I handed in my resignation.
The reason I started my own business was because I was fed up working for corporations that treated their customers like another dollar in the cash register. One thing company “X” failed to recognize is that unhappy customers do not bring return business and without customers, you do not have a business. It is as simple as that.
To me, the most important aspect of business is having fantastic service. Now, I am not just talking about “fantastic design” in my case – I am talking about fantastic customer service. I pride myself on going the extra yard for my clients and looking after them the best I can. I am not in business to drain your pocket and cut off an arm and leg just so I can go on a holiday like your major local chain store CEO. I am in business to help as many people as I can to grow their business, providing my knowledge and building strong relationships along the way. That my friend, is why I am different.

© Studio: tiffany gouge