What is a brand?

The definition of a brand

A brand is best defined as the human qualities of a business or organisation. The brand encompasses the personality, values and overall perception of the business or organisation.

Our personalities are the sum of our interests, experiences, the people with whom we associate, morals, ethics and values, our goals and aspirations and the way that we engage and contribute to society. So too is a business or organisation’s brand.

Brand stategy

“Brands have three primary functions:

  1. Navigation
    Brands help consumers choose from a bewildering array of choices.
  2. Reassurance
    Brands communicate the intrinsic quality of the product or service and reassure customers that they have made the right choice.
  3. Engagement
    Brands use distinctive imagery, language and associations to encourage customers to identify with the brand.”
    – David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance 

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