What does logo design cost?

What is the costs and processes associated with creating a logo design?

Why do some designers charge so much for a logo – what effort goes into it apart from making something look pretty? How many hours does it take to develop a logo for a small business? Question asked by Nicole Leedham of Black Coffee Communication

illustration of the designers creative process

Why are some designers more expensive than others?

There are many factors in which designers take into consideration when working out their pricing: Time that it will take to do the job, the project specifications, the designers experience and their qualifications/training and also level of demand. Design firms also have expenses such as rent, staff wages, electricity, program and computer expenses, internet usage… the list goes on!

My University lecturer once advised you can expect junior designers to charge around $35-$55 per hour, and professional designers to charge from $88-120+ an hour – giving you a very big difference in price!

Logo Design Process

There is an in-depth process of creating a logo. The process will vary from designer to designer, I have written about my specific logo design process on my logo information page.
Again, all designers have a different process – so make sure you check with your chosen designer as to how they do things and what you can expect.

How many hours does it take to develop a logo for a small business?

Pending the designer’s process and design skills (and of course your budget!), logo design can take anywhere from 4 hours to 40 hours, depending again on the project and the variables mentioned above. On a good project, where everything is going right and I don’t have any setbacks; the above logo design process will take me around 30 hours, spread over 4 weeks. More complex briefs will take longer and simple briefs can take around 10-15 hours spread over a week.

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