What you need to consider before updating your logo

Should I re-brand?

What do you need to consider when you are updating your logo?  Question asked by Anne Maybus of www.cleverstreak.com

Deciding to update your logo and branding is a very exciting decision, but what exactly do I need to consider before taking the leap?

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#1 Your Target market

Your target market has to be the first priority in any decision making. Are the proposed logo changes going to effect them for better or worse?  Not sure who your target market is? Download this handy  “The Ideal Client Blueprint” by Paulne Delany.

#2 Costs associated with Re-branding

Costs are a big factor in re-branding but it shouldn’t deter you from taking the plunge! Think about the costs associated in updating any printed office stationery, any product packaging, signage, website updates, updating trademarks, uniforms etc. These costs can all add up but if you know what costs you will be up for before you begin, it will make everything less of a shock when it comes time to re-brand! Having a list of everything that needs to be changes is also a great guide so you don’t forget anything!

#3 Make sure your client’s/staff know what you are up to!

Re-branding is a big change for your business AND your client’s! Don’t leave it until the night before launch to announce you are shaking things up. Give plenty of notice so everyone has plenty of time to adjust to the change. Maybe invite everyone to a launch party – this is a great networking opportunity AND everyone will be aware of the change!

#4 Choosing the right designer

Having the right designer for your project can make the difference between an amazing re-brand and a project flop. Besides these things mentioned in my other article choosing a graphic designer, ensure the one your choose has experience in branding and re-branding! This way, they can make all necessary considerations (like your target market!) within the re-branding process.

#5 Timing

The launch of your re-brand is critical. Don’t do it at a time when no-one is around – Like Christmas/Easter/School Holidays. Clients and suppliers (and your designer!) will more than likely be on holidays/have family commitments and will be too distracted to notice your re-brand so it is best to wait until everyone is at their working prime – this way full attention will be on you!

Are you going to go ahead with your re-brand? Make sure you read our re-branding plan before you start so your re-brand goes off without a hitch and you don’t miss a thing!

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