Top 10 websites and apps for business

Apps for marketing and productivity in your business

In our technology-reliant society of today, there are hundreds and thousands of web and app-based programs that are demanding our attention; claiming to make our workflows easier so we can “get more done”. To save you some time, here is a list of my top 10 websites and apps/programs to help your business marketing and productivity.

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1: 123RF 

123RF is a stock website for photography, graphics, video footage and audio. I love this website because you are able to purchase more than photos! I also like the fact i can purchase credits as i need them, without having to sign up to a month-by-month contract; of course there is also that option of you need it!

2: DaFont

DaFont is free font website. It is very easy to navigate and all font’s are organised into categories for easy viewing. My favorite feature is the “preview text” feature. This illuminates trial and error by seeing first hand what your custom text will look like before you download the font. Neat huh!

3: Google My Business

If you are not on Google My Business – you need to do this, now!

Google My Business is a Free app (also access online through your google account) which allows you to manage your business listing and visibility on Google/Google Maps. Keep tabs on your reviews, post photos, opening hours and all about your services. It is also brilliant for SEO and driving traffic to your website.


Tired of typing in all of your contact email’s or names everytime you wish to send a bulk email? Frustrated with the limit of contacts you can enter through outlook? Presenting Mailchimp! Mailchimp isn’t new – this brilliant web-marketing website has been living on the block for years. It presents you with the capabilities to create different customer lists, track opens and design your own emails. It even has a subject line checker! What i like the most is that is is FREE. This is particularly handy when you are a small sole-trader just starting out – you need all the money saving apps/websites you can get your hands on!

5: Australian Copyright Council

The Australian Copyright Council website is in my opinion, the first stop and entrepreneur should make. It is full of FREE information and documentation surrounding everything copyright in Australia – particularly areas of design, photography, music etc. Not sure who owns copyright if you outsource photography, art or design? Head over to their website right now and get the information you need to stay out of court!!

6: Dropbox

Oooohhhh Dropbox, the lifeblood of my business! If you are in an industry where you need to send huge files to clients or internal staff, download Dropbox this instant!! I love the ability to create shared folders with those you are collaborating with. Not to mention you get an increased storage allowance every-time you invite someone to join and they accept!

7: Skype

I dare say everyone has heard of Skype and if you haven’t, you have now! Many people use Skype for personal reasons but it can be a great asset to the office. Need to send files to you co-worker upstairs? Skype. Need to have a meeting with a client interstate? Skype. The benefits are huge!

8: Facebook Pages Manager

Only have a Facebook account so you can run your Facebook business page? Well, this may well be the app that will allow you to delete the Facebook app off your phone forever. It allows you fully manage your Facebook business page – all without logging into that pesky Facebook app.
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9: Intuit Quickbooks

Can’t afford xero? Well Intuit quickbooks is the Australian competitor taking the business comunity by storm. Import your bank transactions and keep track of customer records with ease. It even has PayPal Integration. Bliss! Perfect for SME’s and sole traders.

10: Google Chrome Task Timer

Now, this is one of my favourite plugins for google chrome – the task timer! This nifty App is also free. Input all the jobs you need to do and hit the start button! It also correlates your data into a pie chart so you can see exactly how much time you spent on each task! Perfect for those who need to track time against jobs (like myself) or anyone who is interested in finding out how they spend their time.


11. LastPass 

Never forget a password, or login again! LastPass remembers all your passwords, so you don’t have to.

12. Grammarly

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free. Download the free plugin on your computer, phone or tablet.

13. Missing Lettr

Missing Lettr is a great tool to grow your blog awareness through scheduling. It connects to your social media channels and posts your scheduled blog posts. Create 12 month long campaigns, so you set, and forget!

14. Lumen5

Turn your blog posts into videos within minutes. Choose your text overlay style, choose your footage and backing music from their huge library and export direct to Facebook or save it to your computer.

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