The best place to keep your branding guidelines

What is the best place or tool to keep my branding guidelines so that I can share it with team members, external designers etc?
Question asked by Michelle Smith, from

From my experience, the best place to keep your branding guidelines is on Dropbox. I usually tell my clients to create a folder dedicated to all of their branding material and invite anyone who needs to use their branding to use the shared folder. This way, you can keep track of who is accessing your folder. Just make sure you set up the folder so people cannot add or delete your files.
Another option is to have your web developer integrate the branding guidelines into a dedicated page on your website. You also then have the choice to allow people to download your guidelines if they prefer to read them externally to your website.
Internally for your staff,  i would recommend having a shared folder on your network, or readily available on USB’s/CD’s if you don’t have the luxury of a shared network.
Along with your branding guidelines, i also recommend keeping a copy of all fonts used within your brand, any templates and graphic elements/photography used. This way your brand is easily transferable to a range of mediums when necessary and people are not running around looking for “The stock image used in out social media campaign” or the “font used in our document headings”.

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