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Lisa Jaffe

Lisa Jaffe


Lisa Jaffe – Jaffe Websites

Hi! I’m Lisa and the owner of Jaffe websites. I started designing and developing website over 10 years ago in the humble days of pure HTML before any of the fancy technologies and effects that you see today. Back in 2005 I took a hiatus and decided to head in the direction of sales and retail where I flourished and developed some super savvy sales skills – I now bring these to table to create kick ass websites that don’t just look great – they sell!

At Jaffe Studios my website design and development method helps me to understand the what’s and why’s about your business and its websites goals. By having strong understanding of your business we can make your website your most valuable employee.

Jaffe websites was founded with the following beliefs:

  • We create a websites that speak to your customers.
  • Our websites are unique and custom built with an eye for detail.

What i can offer you:

  1. Website design
  2. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  3. Email Accounts
  4. Landing Pages

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