Barbara Burstall

Barbara Burstall

Barbara Burstall


Barbara Burstall – BBMC virtual Assistance

Barbara Burstall established her business as a Virtual Assistant 6 years ago.  Barbara’s background is in sales and marketing and has worked as an Executive Assistant for Corporate CEO’s and also worked her way through to managerial roles. She has worked in a number of different industries ie Pharmaceutical; Community Care; Medical; Real Estate; Construction; Sales; HR; Marketing & Business Development.

To describe Barbara in two words, she is an “IDEAS PERSON.” Definitely, someone who ‘thinks outside the square’. Barbara’s real strengths is collaborating and assisting clients with effective business and marketing strategies to showcase their businesses effectively.

She brings solutions to problems. Barbara looks at the nuts and bolts of different businesses, those that are start-ups, self-employed and small to medium sized businesses.

She is becoming a well-known leader in the Virtual Assistant world and one that you would want by your side virtually.

The four key areas she specialises in are:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Project Management & Administration
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Copywriting

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