Take your branding digital

The first steps to getting ‘digital’ for start-ups

Guest Post written by Lisa Jaffe

getting your startup brand online

You’ve got an idea and you’re running with it – awesome, but what next?

Today we tackle the first three steps you should take to begin paving your way in the digital world.


The first step you should take is to register your domain.

There are hundreds of providers out there and choosing the right one is important as cost and features vary from provider to provider.

Some of the common ones out there are Crazy Domains & GoDaddy – while they are large, global businesses with competitive pricing and huge marketing budgets their features and support often are lacking.

We personally use and recommend Australian owned and run provider VentraIP.

Not only are they competitively priced, they offer free domain privacy & unlimited DNS changes aka setting update.

You can search availability and purchase your domain here https://ventraip.com.au/domain-names/register/

There is always chatter about purchasing variations of your domain, however unless your planning on going global it’s really not necessary.
The exception to this rule is, if possible, purchase the ‘.com.au’ & ‘.com’. This can help to mitigate user error, but that’s about it.


If you’re sending your clients emails with @hotmail.com you need to stop right now. It’s important to make sure you’re putting your best digital foot forward.

Setting up business email is a low-cost task that adds value to your credibility instantly.

There are several options available, typically most businesses use one of four providers:

  • Office 365
  • Gsuite (Google)
  • An existing webhosting account
  • Stand-alone email hosting with a webhost

While webhosting account email is a low-cost option if you intent to have a website, we recommend avoiding this method.

When hosting emails with your website you become dependent on your hosting company and can’t move easily if they put their prices up or service degrades.

Another key reason is emails from hosting providers tend to land in people spam mail by default.

We recommend choosing Gsuite. Not only is their pricing competitive, the level of skill to set it up is relatively low and emails rarely end up in someone’s junk mail. You can find Google/Gsuite here https://gsuite.google.com/


Now days, most businesses connect with their clients via Social Media.
Your primary social media channel will greatly depend on your target market. As a minimum we recommend starting with Facebook and Instagram.

Social channels are a credibility marker for potential customers, ensure they look right.

Invest in a high-quality cover image and make sure your logo fits correctly in your profile pictures. Keep in mind even if you are still in business development and not selling a product or service yet, it doesn’t mean you cannot start building a following so that when you are ready to launch you have engaged potential customers at the ready.

Often as a start-up budgets are super low, however if possible, invest in a social media & design strategy which can help you look like you are not a ‘newbie’ to the game.

I hope these top tips help you to move in the right digital direction. If you have any questions about anything mentioned don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@jaffewebsites.com.au

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