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Colour psychology of your logo

Choosing a colour scheme for your company can be an exciting and daunting process. The most common question asked is “Does the colour matter? ” – The answer is yes….


6+ Ways of conqoring designers block

Designer’s block. It is a dark force that occurs within a creatives life from time to time. Your creativeness has vanished as fast as the block of chocolate you tried to hide from…

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What is a brand?

What is a brand? A brand is best defined as the human qualities of a business or organisation. The brand encompasses the personality, values and overall perception of the business…

Freshman: How to break into the graphic design industry

a freshman’s guide to break into the industry from my experiences as a freshman (many years ago!)


16 things to include in your design brief

16 things to include in your logo design brief Before you head off and see your chosen designer, you will need to compile a few things to make the process of…

Designing for Print Production

As well as looking great, your logo and supporting designs must also be
functional when it comes to printing. There are many different factors
to consider based on how your logo will be printed and the techniques
used to create the printed product.

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File Types Explained

When a design is complete, particularly a logo, it is important to save it in a variety of different file types for different production uses. Most people know what a…