What is a brand identity?

What is a brand identity? A brand identity is best defined as the tangible aspects of your branding that appeals to your senses. ” You can see it, touch it,…

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Does using different colours in our brand create confusion?

Our corporate branding colours are black and green, is is ok for merchandise to utilise other colours like black and pink as we have requests from our female clients that…

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7 low cost branding ideas for your business

What are some low cost ways to reinforce your brand identity? Question asked by Angela Denly Embroidered clothing Okay, so embroidery can be expensive if you are ordering the garment…

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The best place to keep your branding guidelines

What is the best place or tool to keep my branding guidelines so that I can share it with team members, external designers etc? Question asked by Michelle Smith, from…

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Why do i need a logo?

Why do i need a logo? Question asked by Kate Toon, In the words of David Airey “A logoless company is a faceless man”.  A logo presents a business with an…

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What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

The distinction between a logo and brand. Question asked by: Kate Toon, To answer this question, I am going to break this down into 3 sections: What is a…

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Colour psychology of your logo

Choosing a colour scheme for your company can be an exciting and daunting process. The most common question asked is “Does the colour matter? ” – The answer is yes….

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What is a brand?

What is a brand? A brand is best defined as the human qualities of a business or organisation. The brand encompasses the personality, values and overall perception of the business…