Sunken Treasure

Below the surface of your brand

Article by Philip VanDusen of Verhaal Brand Design, on branding and customer experience. Shared with full permission from the author.

shipwreck on beach

Remus 6000 spends most of it’s time deep below the surface. An underwater robot, Remus’ long-range sonar scans the bottom and then goes back to take pictures of anything it finds unusual.

In May, Remus took pictures of what the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is calling the “holy grail of shipwrecks” 2000 feet down in the Caribbean. The San Jose, a 310-year-old Spanish galleon carrying gold, silver and emeralds worth as much as $17 billion.

You can’t see the bullion, cannons and artifacts scattered across the ocean floor from the surface you have to go deeper. And you need Remus 6000 to get there.

When speaking of brand value, many talk about how recognizable the logo is, how innovative the product is, the imagery used in marketing. But that stuff is what we see on the surface. The things today’s customers take for granted. You have to go deeper. And you need an agency partner to get there.

Below the surface is the realm of customer journeys and experience. Below the surface is where relationships are forged, where customer satisfaction is created and true brand evangelists are born.

Below the surface is where the brand value treasure lies.

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