Your re-branding plan

How do I rebrand?
Your re-branding Plan!

“So, how do I re-brand my business?” is a question I am faced with quite often! There are many ways as to how you can go about this, but having recently rebranding my own business in 2017, I have worked out a fuss-free system to change your name/logo painlessly when rebranding, so you won’t forget a thing!

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1. Your new business name and logo

First things first, if you haven’t already – Choose your new business name and register your name with The Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC).   Next, choose a designer and get your new logo underway. You should have this completed before you start on your rebrand.

2. Start with a plan.

One mistake many businesses make is jumping straight into a re-brand WITHOUT planning! This puts you in dangerous territory and sets you up for a potential fail, without even starting. Think of your plan as a checklist to keep your re-brand in motion; so nothing is forgotten and you know exactly what your next steps are. (This will also help you sleep at night, not having to remember everything!)

Your step-by-step Re-brand Plan:

  1. First up – make a list of EVERYWHERE you will need to change your business name and details (If applicable). This could include: Bank Accounts, Social Media Accounts, Australian Taxation Office, phone/internet accounts, Registration of a new website domain/email address, any newsletter or website memberships you are signed up for, business directories, PayPal/Stripe/Square accounts, eCommerce accounts, newspaper advertisements you participate in etc.
  2. Make note of any new graphics you will need for each of these above, as you will need to provide these to your graphic designer to create new graphics for you PRIOR to your launch. ALSO, Talk to your web developer in regards to updating the branding on your existing site, and moving it over to a new website URL. IMPORTANT: Make sure you ask your graphic designer and web developers on a timeframe for your project – this way, nothing will be rushed and you will have everything you need before the next step on the plan:
  3. Pick a launch date! This date should be consistent with the timeframes provided by your graphic designer/web developer. I know you are excited, but PLEASE DO NOT RUSH YOUR LAUNCH DATE. This will place unnecessary stress on everyone involved.
  4. Alert your current clients to your impending logo change/name change and continue to remind them over the period before your projected launch. I suggest starting with an email to all your clients, and then every time you talk to them, remind them again!
  5. Place your launch date in your email signature and all over your social media accounts. Some other ideas: Print off a letter and send via good ol’ snail mail or hold a launch party and invite all of your clients. MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS WELL AND TRULY AWARE – this will be the grounds to a successful launch.
3. HORRAY! It Is launch Day!

The day is finally here! By now, you will have new bank accounts set up, a new website/email address and everything you need to change over to your new name.

  1. Send an email to your clients reminding them of your name change and give them any new contact details (such as new email address, bank details etc) and ask them to save your new business details in their systems.
  2. Now your clients are once again reminded of the change, change your name over on all of your social media accounts (If you haven’t already done so!), upload your new logo and branding graphics where applicable and start promoting your NEW website and business name/logo.
  3. Ask your web developer to set up a website-redirect to your new website so anyone who goes to your old website will get directed to your new one.

Lauren Clemett from  “The Ultimate Business Propeller” recommends to “Make the most of the transition and rebrand to tell your brand story. We live in the age of authentic branding, so here’s your chance to share your why, and let people fall in love with your story. Having branded and rebranded hundreds of businesses, I know that you can tell and retell your brand story over and over again and still, some people will take ages to ‘see it’, so don’t be afraid to do so and on as many channels as possible. It’s very exciting and a huge opportunity for you.”

One last thing! Don’t deactivate your old website, old bank accounts or email addresses for at least 6 months. It will take time for old clients to get used to your new changes – Don’t expect everyone to be on board day 1!

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