Project Case Study: Tea and Copy

Identity Rebrand of Tea and Copy

Alicia Kacar is a freelance copywriter and founder of Tea and Copy based in Melbourne.

Alicia was referred to me by a few business group members on Facebook. Alicia was in the process of changing her business name, which meant she needed a whole new logo, website and touchpoints for her new brand.

“When I started my copywriting business, all I wanted to do was write. I didn’t give my branding the time or love it deserved. Plus, I hadn’t quite figured out my place in the market. As my business grew and evolved, I discovered I loved to work with lifestyle brands, wellness businesses and creatives. However, my old brand was attracting a completely different corporate crowd. My old brand represents who I THOUGHT I should be as a copywriter, while my new brand represents who I WANT to be.” – Alicia Kacar

Type A Copywriting logo
Alicia’s old brand – Type A Copywriting


The project began with the Tea and Copy Logo.

Heading into the project, Alicia already had a Pinterest board full of ideas and styles which appealed to her – which meant less guesswork for me! She wanted a funky, yet professional brand which matches her writing style. Alicia also loves Tea, so incorporating Tea into her brand was a must given the new business name.

To begin the project, I formed a few mood boards from Alicia’s endless supply of ideas and we nailed down a design direction. From here, a few rough concepts were sent through for feedback and approval.

Alicia absolutely loved the first concept straight off the bat. I produced a couple of different variations with different fonts, just to be sure – but no – concept one was the winner!

“All designs are great, but #1 is my firm favourite. I freaking love it!!! You know I love the mint green, but what I’m loving the most is the way you’ve made the ampersand look like a pouring teapot. Genius!”

Now the logo was nailed down, I went on to design the teacup submark, business cards and the new Tea and Copy website user interface (UI) which has been developed by Lisa from Jaffe Websites.


Mint green and charcoal form the base for this upbeat, creative brand – aligning the business with its chosen target market and clientele.

The new logo design, UI and business cards for Tea and Copy
The new logo design, UI and business cards for Tea and Copy

© Studio: tiffany gouge