Publication and Brochure Design

Publication and brochure design services, based in Orange NSW

There is nothing like picking up a beautifully printed publication, which displays your brand and promotes your business.

Printed publications are a useful touchpoint to engage your clients with, as they not only promote your business, but they are something tangible your client can keep and refer back to.

I enjoy creating elegant, professional and functional publication designs destined for print. Think magazines, product catalogs, and brochures, business profiles, and annual reports – the list is endless! My working print/publication industry background allows me to craft a document which does not only look great but is also print ready. I can also source your printing for you, and have it delivered directly to your door – how’s that for convenience?

Sanford Travel Information Brochure
Publication design for Sanford International Travel


Any printed booklet which is destined for saddle sticking (2 staples in the spine) can be a minimum of 8 pages, and a maximum of 36 pages. Due to the way a saddle stitched booklet is printed, the page count has to be a multiple of 4. If your publication is over 36 pages, it will have to be perfect bound. This is where the pages are glued together to create a spine and a cover is printed separately and attached.

The size of your publication can be A4, A5, A6, and DL. Custom sizings are available, however, they can be quite expensive due to the custom paper size and guillotining required.


The cost of publication design is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question as it really depends on what is involved in creating your document. For example, formatting a document which is predominantly text, will take a different amount of time to a document which has a lot of photos and other graphic elements. So it is best to chat to me about your job so I can quote accordingly. As a rough guide, a 12 page, A4, saddle stitched document, will take around 6-8 hours to format and design.

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