Graphic Design Mentoring & Tuition

Mentoring & Tuition


I will start by saying that although I am not a certified trainer, as a Diploma qualified designer, I do provide training and mentoring, bringing my own extensive hands-on knowledge and experience gained over more than 10 years in branding and print design.

Brand Identity Mentoring

Do you need some guidance and advice when it comes to your business brand identity? I have a wealth of knowledge, ready to share with you, to grow your business with a variety of options to suit your unique needs:


Understanding your brand begins with a phone consult, where I delve into your business and really get a feel for who you are and more importantly what you want to be known for. This is known as my identity audit.
From the findings of the audit, I will present you with a comprehensive plan along with ideas to help grow and extend the reach of your visual identity. And because branding isn’t learned over night, I will then help you implement your plan.

Identity Audits are $330, which includes a 1 hour phone consult and written audit plan. Any additional recommendations presented in the plan, including any ongoing mentoring advice, incurs an additional fee, which will be outlined along with your plan.  No work will be carried out without written approval.


Want to tap into my knowledge bank? Just ask! I am always available for questions and to offer advice – my number one passion is to help grow your brand.

For one off questions, my knowledge to you is free! Or of course you may wish to purchase my latest book, “Guide to Creating Your Business Image and Branding” which contains a wealth of information and advice! But for those of you that value a brand identify designer available to you on tap, we can negotiate a suitable contract, based on your needs.


I offer one-on-one, face to face tuition sessions (Orange area only), in the following specialist fields:

  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop (Basics)

I currently reserve after business hours for mentoring (6pm-8pm) usually 1 or 2 hours, one night a week, at your chosen location. Please contact me for availability.

The number of sessions will usually be dictated by how much you would like to learn and we will agree to this in advance – for basics you would be looking at between 2-4 sessions.  A minimum number of sessions will be booked in advance with subsequent sessions available if required.  Once the minimum commitment is complete, subsequent sessions can be booked week by week with no minimum commitment.

Costs for tuition: $220 per 2-hour session (per person), which includes travel and up to 1 hour a week for phone/email support for any questions within the week outside of the session. (or $110 for a 1-hour session with half hour of phone/email support outside the session) Once sessions are complete, I offer ongoing phone/email support for $55/week.

“I first met Tiffany in early in 2017 when looking for private tuition for Graphic Design. I found Tiffany to be the ultimate professional while offering a flexible learning program. As an adult student it was important to me to have a tutor who would very quickly assess my areas of strengths and weakness and plan my course around this. Tiffany is very approachable and generous with her knowledge. She still offers me support as I need it. I wouldn’t be the graphics guru I am today without Tiffany’s help! I would recommend Tiffany to anyone needing design work for their business or personal tutoring. Chris Bannantyne.”

Would you like to book in or to find out if i can help you? Contact me today.

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