Does using different colours in our brand create confusion?

Our corporate branding colours are black and green, is is ok for merchandise to utilise other colours like black and pink as we have requests from our female clients that they would prefer those colours for their merchandise (active wear). Does this colour change cause brand and identity confusion for our consumers and beyond? Much thanks Greg Porter,

Many different professionals will have a different opinion on this so i will start off by saying THIS IS A CASE BY CASE ANSWER.

From a marketing perspective, “In a world where people’s attention span is about 5s, having different color schemes would not only contribute to reduce your target’s attention span but also create confusion that would annihilate whatever your target remembers about your brand. Consumers typically accepts different color schemes when having B&W vs color. ” – Serge Salager CEO, Marketeer and VC

In your situation though, you are considering adding a 2nd colour value to attract a 2nd target audience. In my opinion, as long as your logo is well placed and visible, people will still recognize your logo and your business – even if it is different to your corporate colours. A perfect example of making it work is the Telstra logo below. Even though Telstra use different colours, you still recognise it as none other, than Telstra.

To lessen the confusion, you could consider having your logo places on the garments as black or white across your whole activewear range – this way the brand will still be visible and recognisable no matter what color the garment is.

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