How to create an email signature for Outlook

For this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create an email signature for outlook, using Microsoft Word. At the end of this short tutorial, you will have a great looking branded email signature, complete with clickable links, a clean layout, and your logo.


Open Microsoft Word and create a table (Insert > Table) with one or two columns and 2+ rows depending on how you would like your signature to look. (Get creative!) For the sake of this demo, I will be using a 2 column table, with 2 rows. Don’t worry about the table lines at this stage, we will deal with them a little later on!

Step 1


Add in your logo to the left-hand column (Resize as necessary) and your text in right. Format the text to include your brand fonts and colours.

Step 2


It’s social media time! Add in your social media icons and resize to the size you want them. Now to attach the URL to your icons, to make them clickable!
NOTE: You can apply the same set of steps to add URL’s to text also if you do not want icons!

a) Right click on the icon you would like to apply the link to, select the ‘Add link” option

b) in the pop up window, add the link address (URL) you would like people to go to when they click on your icon. Click ‘OK’ to confirm. Continue this process until you have added URLs to all of your icons and other text, such as your website address and other promotions you are adding to your signature!
step 3b

Step 4

Now to get rid of those table lines! Select the table, go to Design > Borders and select the “No Border” option. Now your signature is ready for Outlook!

Step 4

Step 5

Open the Signature panel in Outlook. (Message > Signature > Signatures)

Step 6

Go back to Word, select your table and copy it (Ctrl + C). Jump back over to outlook and Paste in your table into the Signature Editor (Ctrl + V). Adjust the other settings to your desired settings (eg, applying it to your email address etc), Select save and you are done!

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