Client Blueprint

Do you know who your ideal client is?

Before you jump into creating your brand (or re-brand!), you need to have a profile of your ideal client. This is important as your branding needs to appeal to your target audience to attract your ideal client!


  1. Describe your “Ideal Client” (Male/Female, Age, Demographic, Marital Status)
  2. Give your “Ideal Client” a name:
  3. Where are you likely to find your “Ideal Client?” (Where do they hang out online and offline, who else is affiliated with your ideal client)
  4. What are their problems that you can solve?
  5. What keeps them up at night? What is their number one pain point?

By completing this exercise, you now have a picture of your own “Client Avatar”. Keep this avatar in mind when making decisions in regards to your business and then you can direct all of your branding, marketing and sales copy specifically to this one person. Avoiding attracting the wrong client to your business will save you time, hassles and ultimately $$$!

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