Choosing a Graphic Designer

How to choose the right graphic designer for your next project

Choosing the right Graphic Designer is crucial to achieving your desired business image and branding outcomes. Many people opt for the cheapest quote they can find without doing any background research into the designer or their business ethics. Not choosing the right designer can be a costly and time-consuming mistake, something many small businesses can simply not afford.

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Here are some areas to consider when choosing a professional graphic designer:


Check to see if your designer is qualified in Graphic Design, not just experienced in the software. Graphic design is a craft with foundation principles that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the design. A designer’s software skills will have little impact on their ability to translate your brand.


Look at the designer’s portfolio and ask for examples of work relevant to your project. For example, if you need a business card designed, ask to see examples of business cards so you know the designer is going to fit in with your needs. Good design communicates and motivates and you should be able to clearly see this within the designers portfolio.


Ask your designer to provide you will references or a list of testimonials so you can find out what others think about them and their work. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, if the designer’s work it good, they should have no problems with supplying these to you.


A good designer will stay on top of all the details of your project and will make the best use of your time and money. A good designer will also have excellent communication skills and be personable, yet professional.


This is more often than not the number one consideration when it comes to choosing the correct designer but it most certainly shouldn’t be. Good design does cost money. You are essentially paying for the designers experience and knowledge as well as the time they are taking to complete your job. In saying that, graphic design does not have to break the bank and your designer should take any budgets you have into consideration also.


Ask yourself if you are happy to work with a designer who is in the same town as you or via remote. Working with a local designer with knowledge of the city you live in can be invaluable when it comes to the design process. Although, if the designer has good communication and research skills, the process will run just as smoothly.

Article is taken from our new publication: Guide to Creating Your Business Image and Branding

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