How to create a strong brand

How to create a strong brand

More than a logo: 6 steps to creating a strong foundation for your business brand. The key to building a long-lasting and successful brand is knowing your brand foundations from…

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Your re-branding plan

How do I rebrand?Your re-branding Plan! “So, how do I re-brand my business?” is a question I am faced with quite often! There are many ways as to how you…

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How to create a signature on Outlook

Tutorial: Create a branded email signature for Outlook, using Microsoft Word For this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create an email signature for outlook, using Microsoft Word….

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Top 5 tips for text design

The Beginner guide for text layout and print design I see you there. Sitting deflated and red-eyed, staring at your computer screen and the piles of text before you. The…

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Graphic Design Basics

The elements and principles of graphic design Everyone loves a good DIY project and thanks to websites like Pinterest, DIY has become popular among many in a bid to save money.  But…

Create a letterhead - step 2

How to create a letterhead template

Create a DIY letterhead template in Microsoft Word in 7 easy steps This Short tutorial will show you how to create a letterhead in Microsoft Word, using a JPEG file, supplied…

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First timers guide to self-publishing

How do I self-publish? I self-published my first book in 2014. It was a fun experience, but a deep world of unknown – not knowing what to do or where…