Project Case Study: Marksman Design Co Rebrand

Identity Rebrand of Marksman Design Co

Marksman Design Co is a bespoke, high-end craftsman based in Molong NSW. Marksman Design Co specialises in handcrafted, architectural fabrication and automatic gates.

Alysha and Damien first came to me with an already established brand, however, their current identity did not match the quality and craftsmanship of the products the business produced.

Alysha and Damien wanted their brand to be luxurious and classy with a high-end market in mind.

” I came up with our initial logo using ‘Logo joy’ – it was a rushed process, and one I didn’t enjoy…and to be honest I didn’t realise how important a brand was for our business” recalled Alysha.

Marksman Design Co's old logo design
Marksman Design Co’s Old Logo

“The business has naturally evolved and I knew our branding needed to reflect the direction the business was heading.”


While Alysha already had a pretty clear picture of the styling, font and colour she would like to see used within the designs, one challenge faced was that the business name “Marksman Design Co” is rather long. This would prove difficult to produce the logo at a readable size on touchpoints such as business cards, name badges and embroidery.

After discussions with Marksman Design Co, I came up with a plan! We decided that due to the long length of their name, I would design a separate brand mark which could be used as a stand alone as well as with the main logo text. Having separate elements would provide the functionality and flexibility for the logo to be used across a multitude of print and web-based mediums.


Dark navy paired with stone accents set the tone for this high-end brand.  The fonts and elements are kept at a minimum with plenty of white space to convey a point of luxury and to ensure the longevity of the logo and brandmark. Simple makes a statement.

And Marksman Design Co’s thoughts?

“We just love our new branding! I have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients and friends and family. I have even had another small business owner ask details as they want to re-brand, and perhaps enlist Tiff’s help as well!

I feel like it’s given us a fresh new look, and has helped define what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for. It feels lux and professional, which is exactly the look we were after. It has given us direction and made us proud to get our name out there. It’s only early on so hard to tell yet if it has increased sales etc, but it has people talking about us which can only be a good thing in small business!”

Marksman Design Co Logo
Marksman Design Co’s new logo and brandmark
Brandmark and touchpoints for Marksman Design Co
Brandmark used on the business cards for Marksman Design Co.

© Studio: tiffany gouge