Branding Interview with Linda Reed-Enever

“Take your time with your brand and if you need help ask for it”

In this interview, i asked Linda Reed-Enever, founder of the business community Business Business Business and a PR and Marketing Consultant all about her glorious branding and what makes it tick!

What is your business? What does it specialize in? Who is your target market?

Business Business Business is a website and Facebook group designed to support and educate business owners. Our motto is Learn, Connect, Network and Do, and we have incorporated all of these elements into the website with our Learn Magazine, Connect Directory, Networking, and Events Calendar (coming soon) and our Marketplace which allows you to “Do” by connecting you with great courses, eBooks, etc.

What touchpoints do you have that make up your brand?

Business Business Business is mainly online, so our touch points at this stage are the site and Facebook group, as well ME when I network and guest speak I talk about our community and the support it offers.
For my own brand, I have a website, social profiles, cards, banners and even a book that allow me to connect with and educate my market.

Why have you chosen these specific touchpoints? What about them makes them unique to your business brand?

I am a strong believer in educating your market so the books, business magazine on BBB and my blog are all ways that I can do this and practice what I preach. Social Media allows me to further that and connect and engage on the go.
As for cards and banners, there are there for the visual recognition at an event, my cards have my photo on them with my trademark red lippy that I wear as part of my branding.

 What mediums do you use to promote yourself?

I love my marketing material, so I am a mix of all worlds in my promotion mediums at the moment I am using:

  1. Social Media – to run our Facebook events and promote my birthday sale
  2. Newsletters – to stay in touch with readers
  3. Banner Ads – To promote workshops
  4. Flyers – Promoting workshops and BBB’s sister site Media Connections
  5. Guest speaking – for educating and promoting all we do


What do you find works best for customer engagement?

All of the above for me.
It is about getting a mix that is right for what we are doing at the time with 5 businesses in the house there is a range of things to look at including time.
As my audience is business owners, it is key that I am where they are, and that is social media, events and the publications they are reading. To be top of mind I need to be doing all 3.

Has your business always carried the same logo and branding or have you undergone a rebrand?

Business Business Business had a logo before the website arrived. It was very similar to what we have now; we just refined it to work better for us.

What has been the reaction from your clients? (new and old)?

Not sure many people would have noticed a lot those who did said they liked the new look.

Based on your businesses branding journey, what benefits has your business received from having a solid brand?

It is known, all of my brands have Red and Black in them, and people know me and them for that. It has also allowed us to be clear in the look a feel of the brand as we grew the site.

What do you think is the number one thing that has contributed to your businesses successful branding?

Planning….knowing who the brand was going to be and whom it was going to speak to was key for us.
And then sticking to it, it is easy for people to try and sway you from your message.

Why do you think it is important for a business (no matter what size) to have a professional brand?

Branding gives credibility it also allows customers to relate to you.
Your branding needs to stand out and speak to your customers in a way that will remember you. Whether that is in your email, on a billboard or business card.

Do you have anything else which you would like to add? Thoughts or advice to readers?

Take your time with your brand and if you need help ask for it. Getting your brand right the first time is a lot easier than redoing it again and again.

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