Branding Interview with Barbara Burstall

“Professional branding is everything.”

In this interview, I asked Barbara Burstall, VA and founder of  BBMC – Virtual Assistance and Your PREVA; all about her branding and what makes it tick!

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

I am a small business owner, and ideas person, enjoy marketing and helping my clients and I work in my own business as a Virtual Assistant to other entrepreneurs and small business owners around Australia.

What is your business? What does is specialize in? Who is your target market?

I have 2 VA businesses, the first one is called BBMC-Virtual Assistance, the second is called Your PREVA, (Your Personal Real Estate Virtual Assistant). With BBMC-VA I target more to the broader spectrum of small business owners and entrepreneurs. I specialise in tasks but not limited to the following: Prospecting, Cold Calling, Social Media Management, Writing Blogs, Posts, Articles, developing marketing strategies, administration and so much more.

With Your PREVA, I niched the second VA business for those that work within the Real Estate Industry, for example, Buyer & Seller Agents, Property Managers, BDM’s, Tradies, Building & Pest Inspectors, Real Estate Trainees, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners. Again I specialise as I have a background myself in Real Estate with Prospecting, Cold Calling, Social Media Management, data entry, updating CRM’s, administration and much more.

What touchpoints do you have that make up your brand?

I have a website for each of my businesses. As I am a VA, there isn’t a real big need in office stationery, uniforms etc, as all my work is done remotely.

Why have you chosen these specific touchpoints? What about them makes them unique to your business brand?

Both websites are very different, both the look of them but also who my target market is.

 What mediums do you use to promote yourself?

Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram plays a huge role in my business and promoting myself. Also contributing to much Social Media Facebook Groups and having targeted groups of my own. Also cross-promoting with others. Again due to working remotely from my home office, there isn’t a real need for signage.

What do you find works best for customer engagement?

Social media ie Facebook and Instagram. Contributing to groups and helping others.

Has your business always carried the same logo and branding or have you undergone a rebrand?

The BBMC-VA was rebranded in 2016. I have held the business for 8 years under the same ABN number and name which is called Burstall Business & Marketing Consultancy. All I did was a rebrand, shorten it and tag Virtual Assistance to the end. The logo was also rebranded to suit.
Your PREVA only launched in August 2016 so I did go to a designer for branding and also followed that through with the website.

What was the reason behind your re-brand?

My main reason was it made more sense to shorten the name and also wanted to let customers know that not only I do marketing and consultancy work, but also Virtual Assistance support for many clients.

What has been the reaction from your clients? (new and old)?

My clients love the branding for both my VA services, both are very different, distinct and targeted and niched to specific target markets.

Based on your businesses branding journey, what benefits has your business received from having a solid brand?

Consistency would be the main benefit, streamlining the look and feel of your business. The Your PREVA is very different, very professional looking as I am targeting the Real Estate Industry.

What do you think is the number one thing that has contributed to your businesses successful branding?

Clear branding, clear logo, not busy, delivering a clear message who my target niche market is.

Why do you think it is important for a business (no matter what size) to have a professional brand?

You need to present yourself to customers to the public a professional image. Otherwise even for myself, if I was approaching another company, if they don’t have a professional brand or website or anything, I doubt that I would even call them for the first initial inquiry. The old adage you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in business no matter what size, I go against that adage, professional branding is everything.

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