Brand Manifesto

Studio: Tiffany Gouge’s manifesto
of design and branding

Design and Brand Manifesto - Studio: Tiffany Gouge

■ Design is the beginning and it should never end.

■ Without visual identity, your business has no face, no smile, no way to greet your customers.

■ Design speaks many words; quality design speaks the words your customer needs to hear.

■ Good design starts with a great design brief – take your time.

■ Know your customer inside out and upside down.

■ Colour is a feeling; how do you want your customers to feel?

■ A brand is feelings, thoughts and emotions.

■ Your visual identity should reach your customers wherever they may find you.

■ Your business deserves a unique identity that is as unique as you are.

■ Be recognisable not just searchable.

■ What do you want people to think, feel and say about your business when they are not with you?  That is your true brand.

■ Dare to be different – branding can make you stand out – don’t be afraid to!

■ Print it, stitch it, copy it, wrap it – branding has many uses.

■ Style guides prevent your business from losing the brand you worked so hard to build. Use them.

■ Protect your brand, it is worth more than you realise.

■ A simple and perfectly formed logo provides a lasting and flexible identity  – don’t be tempted to overcomplicate yours.

Brand Manifesto © Studio: Tiffany Gouge 2019

© Studio: tiffany gouge