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Business Style Guide design and development

A set of brand identity guidelines (or style guides as they are also referred to), is your handbook for how to properly express your brand visually. Style Guides can be used by staff internally or given to external suppliers you are using to create your branding touchpoints. They can be displayed as a digital PDF, in a printed book or even displayed as a website.

Design style guides come in many sizes: some are condensed onto one page as a “snapshot”, while others are up and over 100 pages long – depending on how complex the business branding is. Basic brand guidelines usually consist of your logo, a breakdown of the fonts and colours used, how to use your logo and when to use different logotypes as applicable. More complex guidelines also cover design rules for business stationery and print advertisements, photography styles and use of any graphic elements created to support your brand.

There is no wrong or right length when it comes to your brand guidelines, the most important thing is that you have one! Many people opt out of getting a style guide as they see it as an unnecessary cost but having set of brand guidelines can actually save your business a lot of money and headaches in the long run, especially when dealing with external businesses such as printers, signwriters, embroiders and other graphic designers. Instead of having to contact you and ask questions like “What font is used in your logo”?, all of these professionals can access information about your brand quickly and effortlessly; ensuring all designs created for your business are in line with your guidelines and fit in with the rest of your brand.


That’s great because you have come to the right place! Studio: Tiffany Gouge has designed style guides for businesses all over Australia and we can create one for you, too!

You have 3 choices in regards to the complexity of your style guide – let’s have a chat so I can recommend the type of guidelines which will be suited for your business needs.

  • 1 Page style sheet
    1 Page sheet which features colour breakdowns and fonts used within your logo. This is included with any logo design purchase
    Click here for example
  • General Style Guide – from $440
    Introduction to the company, who we are, the tone of voice (All copy supplied by client), Logo usage rules, colour palette, fonts, using our fonts, sample paragraph
    Click here for example
  • Full brand/multibrand Style Guidefrom $880
    General style guide, plus the inclusion of letterhead, business cards and any other items important to your brand.
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