Brand Injection Logo

Project Case Study: Brand Injection Re-brand

Brand alignment of Brand Injection Amanda is a copywriter and owner of Brand Injection, based in Cooranbong (near Newcastle), NSW. Amanda already had an existing logo and identity, but recently…

The new logo design, UI and business cards for Tea and Copy

Project Case Study: Tea and Copy

Identity Rebrand of Tea and Copy Alicia Kacar is a freelance copywriter and founder of Tea and Copy based in Melbourne. Alicia was referred to me by a few business…

Marksman Design Co Logo

Project Case Study: Marksman Design Co Rebrand

Identity Rebrand of Marksman Design Co Marksman Design Co is a bespoke, high-end craftsman based in Molong NSW. Marksman Design Co specialises in handcrafted, architectural fabrication and automatic gates. Alysha…

Computer desk

Your re-branding plan

How do I rebrand?Your re-branding Plan! “So, how do I re-brand my business?” is a question I am faced with quite often! There are many ways as to how you…

clipboard on wooden table

Corporate Branding Checklist

Business identity checklist Whether you are online or offline, new or existing business – there is so much more to your business’ identity than a logo. While having a logo…

laptop and coffee

How to create an email signature for Outlook

Create a branded email signature using Microsoft Word For this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create an email signature for outlook, using Microsoft Word. At the end…

Logo sketches on a desk

What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

What is a brand?, What is a brand identity? and What is a logo? Question asked by: Kate Toon, IN SUMMARY:BRAND – Personality and perception.IDENTITY – The style and…

checklist notetaking

The essential end of financial year branding checklist

EOFY business branding checklist As the End of Financial Year (EOFY) is fast approaching, now is the time to get your business branding in order so you can kick off…

PWM advice, insurance and lending

Project Case Study – PWM Re-brand

Identity re-brand of PWM Advice Darren Tindall is the director of PWM, a local orange business who provides advice, insurance and lending to their clients. Darren approached me about working…

text design formatting icon

Top 5 tips for text design

The Beginner guide for text layout and print design I see you there. Sitting deflated and red-eyed, staring at your computer screen and the piles of text before you. The…

shipwreck on beach

Sunken Treasure

Below the surface of your brand Article by Philip VanDusen of Verhaal Brand Design, on branding and customer experience. Shared with full permission from the author. Remus 6000 spends most…


Design Copyright in Australia

Graphic Design Copyright laws in Australia Far too many businesses fail to understand copyright issues when it comes to using graphics. More and more frequently, businesses are using images taken…

letter blocks

Graphic Design Basics

The elements and principles of graphic design Everyone loves a good DIY project and thanks to websites like Pinterest, DIY has become popular among many in a bid to save money.  But…

branding notes on desk

How to get the best branding outcomes for your business

Building the best foundations for your branding. Everyone wants the best brand identity outcome for their business, and this can be achieved by doing some simple research and getting the…


What is a brand identity?

Brand identity explained The term ‘brand identity’ is best defined as the tangible aspects of your branding that appeals to your senses. ” You can see it, touch it, hold…

Lauren Clemett

Branding Interview with Lauren Clemett

“Be you, be unique, be totally authentic and real” – Award Winning personal branding specialist, Lauren Clement shares the inside scoop on her brand. Introduce yourself! Who are you and what…

Kate Toon

Branding Interview with Kate Toon

“Dodgy design, like typo-ridden copy, doesn’t make a great first impression on new customers” In this interview, I asked Kate Toon, award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant all about her branding and…

laptop and branding plan on wooden desk

When your branding pants are too tight and your sweater is too scratchy.

I love my brand, but my brand does not fit. Guest post written by Christine Thatcher at Design to Delight. I’ve often heard good branding compared to the perfect outfit….


Australian paper sizes

Size guide to paper and envelopes in Australia. Here is a quick Australian paper and envelope size reference guide to help you choose the size that’s right for your product….

illustration of the designers creative process

What does logo design cost?

What is the costs and processes associated with creating a logo design? Why do some designers charge so much for a logo – what effort goes into it apart from…

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