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What does logo design cost?

Why do some designers charge so much for a logo – what effort goes into it apart from making something look pretty? How many hours does it take to develop…

Ask the Designer

Does using different colours to our brand create confusion?

Our corporate branding colours are black and green, is is ok for merchandise to utilise other colours like black and pink as we have requests from our female clients that…

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What you need to consider before updating your logo

What do you need to consider when you are updating your logo?  Question asked by Anne Maybus of Deciding to update your logo and branding is a very exciting…

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Updating a trademarked Logo

My logo is 10 years old and more formal than my business personality. How can I update it without losing the essence and also without messing with my trademarked image?…

Ask the Designer

7 Low cost ways to reinforce your brand identity

What are some low cost ways to reinforce your brand identity? Question asked by Angela Denly Embroidered clothing Okay, so embroidery can be expensive if you are ordering the garment…

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