Updating a trademarked Logo

My logo is 10 years old and more formal than my business personality. How can I update it without losing the essence and also without messing with my trademarked image? How can I update [my logo] without losing the essence and also without messing with my trademarked image? Question asked by Anne Maybus of www.cleverstreak.com

Updates to Trademarked image can be a tricky avenue to cross.
According the the Trade Marks | IP Australia website, “It may be possible to make minor changes to the appearance of your trade mark as long as they don’t substantially affect its identity.” Without knowing if all elements of your logo are Trademarked, my answer would be that you can’t update your logo without updating your trademark with IP Australia.
If you only have for example the “dandelion” in your logo trademarked, you would be free to change the non-trademarked elements such as font and text layout, as long as the dandelion image stayed the same.
On the assumption that you are willing to pay to update your trademark, I would be looking to reinvent your logo by considering the use of Colour Psychology, fonts and the overall layout of the logo elements. When i read what you do on your website, i immediately think of using a modern representation of the dandelion along with a clean yet funky font. If you look up “Modern dandelion illustrations” on Google, you will see what i have in mind for your brand!
On business essence, as long as you keep your target market in mind and continue to deliver a fantastic service, your business essence will remain!

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