Branding Interview – Little Innoscents

“Try a little of everything until you find what works for you and don’t take too long to work it out because nobody else is going to tell you.”

In this interview, I asked Antonette of Little Innoscents, Organic Baby Skincare all about her branding and what makes it tick!

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

As we become more aware of synthetic chemicals and their links to disease, we also become more concerned with what we consume, and now, with what we put on our skin, especially what products we use on our children.  Little Innoscents was designed for those with sensitive skin to combat eczema and other skin issues by offering a natural and certified organic alternative to mainstream products that are full of synthetic ingredients.
Our range offers a solution for the whole family for babies and mothers who want the very best in skincare and Little Innoscents has expanded the range to include care for your home and household.  So, it’s not just what you put on your skin but what you use to wash your clothes and clean your home.  Effective products that are made from 100% natural and botanical ingredients that are cruelty free, Australian made and owned. It’s that simple….

What touchpoints do you have that make up your brand?

Everything that we do at Little Innoscents is by no coincidence?  From the moment, you come to see our products via our website you can easily identify our products by their signature colours and scents.
Once you place an order with us it arrives in a custom-made box that has a selected sample (a product not purchased) along with a brochure and feedback card.  Each product in the range has a unique colour that showcases the product and is used to market and identify each product. You may forget the name of a product but you can easily remember “that pink tube” or “green tube” etc.

Why have you chosen these specific touchpoints? What about them makes them unique to your business brand?

Why colour!
Children naturally gravitate to coloured objects – Colour provides a bright side to childhood and it’s a big part of their world. Bright colour aligns with their energy – young kids are drawn to it and desire playful interaction with it. They play with colour like playing with toys. Often, we get customers sending pictures of their children playing with our bottles and tubes exploring with an experimental curiosity about what colour means to them.

What mediums do you use to promote yourself?

We use all aspects of social media to spread the word about our products, everyone loves a cute picture and every mother loves to share their bundle of joy so its an easy way to get interaction on social media by asking for a picture of their favorite Little Innoscents moment.
I find that you get more bang for your buck online so we do spend more time promoting in this space these days.
Also a combination of product sampling to various organisations that are themed with our target market is also a valuable tool.  A little print media and lots of collaborations with bloggers and review sites gives the brand credibility and reassures customers before they make a purchase.

Has your business always carried the same logo and branding or have you undergone a rebrand?

You may get sick of looking at the same logo and product images but believe me that’s what you need to do if you are branding correctly.
Little Innoscents has been operating for 10 years and we have had our fair share of new look launches – (about three in total ) but they have been manly an evolution of the branding rather than complete change- so people still relate to our iconic colors and fun packaging and ethos.

Based on your businesses branding journey, what benefits has your business received from having a solid brand?

Like I said before you need to get a little sick of your branding to know you are doing a good job.  Think about companies like coca cola – could you ever imagine not recognizing that signature red logo anywhere.  Established over 130 years ago, they had the same logo which hasn’t changed much for over 20 years in black then and now an iconic red.
Totally by coincidence we also have a red logo (not because of coke I can assure you) but because it’s a power color which so many big-name companies have used over the years.  It entices action, adventure, aggressive, energy, excitement, love, passion, strength and vigor.  You want to stand out in the crowd so don’t pick a color that is in fashion just at the minute but something that will be classic and last the test of time.

What do you think is the number one thing that has contributed to your businesses successful branding?

Red perhaps?  In all seriousness, you can have the best product in the world but if the message is not right and you don’t actively market then you will unfortunately be lost in the crowd.
So you need to jump up and down and say “look at me….    Im great….  give me a go…..   try me…..
and you can only hope that it’s as good as you say it is and that will bring you success.

Why do you think it is important for a business (no matter what size) to have a professional brand?

With today’s change in consumer purchase and the introduction of the Internet you can be a fly on the wall and still attract attention if you do it right.  Nobody knows that you may be a one-man band working away at home in your PJ, as far as they know you have a big office and a huge dispatch team running the show globally (that was us only a few years back) so it’s important to be professional and continue to build your business.  Have a 1300 number that diverts to your mobile or home phone, get back to customers within 24 hours or less, make your customer experience better than anything else in the world and this will help you grow to a bigger and better business as time passes.

Do you have anything else which you would like to add? Thoughts or advice to readers?

My advice to anyone starting out – Don’t look at your limitations today and the budget you have but rather what creative juices you can come up with to get the best bang for your buck.  Try a little of everything until you find what works for you and don’t take too long to work it out because nobody else is going to tell you. (I make reference to the media channel you are working with).  What works for one business does not necessarily work for another so don’t be afraid to mix it up.

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