6+ Ways of conqoring designers block

Designer’s block. It is a dark force that occurs within a creatives life from time to time. Your creativeness has vanished as fast as the block of chocolate you tried to hide from your kids last night. But don’t fear, i asked some fellow creatives on how they combat designer’s block so you can get back onto the work horse!

    1. Meditation

      I will kick off the list with Meditation and a cup of herbal tea. It helps clear my thoughts and the tea not only keeps you centered, it keeps you hydrated! I find once I have had my meditation break, i can come back to my design refreshed and with a clear mind.
      Now, let’s see what other designers have to say!

    2. Back to Nature…and breastfeeding!

      “Breastfeeding is great for designers block – true story!! – it’s kind of like mediation but with bonus feel-good hormones. For those who are not lactating, getting out into nature – even staring at the sky for a while – is also great.” – Karah Edwards

    3. Change your thoughts

      In this book or audio tape, Steven Pressfield talks about creative block just being one of those things we invent. its kinda like if we get super honest with ourselves, why are we not wanting to do what it is we have to do? infact the very thing we avoid is the thing we must do. So what i took from the book is “fortunately i dont get creative blocks, I just sit at my desk and do the work” basically your thoughts create your future. So if you get creative block just change your thoughts. Its that simple. (mind you this thing ive just dropped is one huge muthafukn head fuck to get past, YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR FUTURE. think about this, its a staggering concept.) just change your thoughts”. Kathy Weiland from No Sweet Girl Designs

    4.  Take a Step Back

      “I step back and take a breath. I have a Behance or Google binge session and look at revolutionary designs (logos or websites)” – Nathan Simpson from NSGD

    5. Do something else

      “I get away from the workspace and go do anything else. Pat the dog, sweep a floor, have a shower, go for a walk. Clear the head and boil the task down to its absolute bones, just the essentials… Then go again.” – Myles Leigo from Xenologo

    6. Change of Scenery

      “I take my kids to the beach or playground & chill there for as long as I can!!” – Skai Skorup-Matthews from Tickled Ink Design and Print

Now you know how to get rid of the blank piece of paper in front of you; So go forth and create! May the (creative) force be with you!
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