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7 other reasons people don't hire a graphic designer (and what you can do about it)

Cost is no doubt one of the huge underlying factors which dictate whether or not we will purchase something. Blame it on the economy or just human nature, many of…


Why i am different

Why am I different? I could go on an ego fueled rant about how my skills and designs are so much better than the next person; but the truth of it…

How to make a letterhead template in Word

How to make a letterhead template in Word in 7 easy steps This Short tutorial will show you how to create letterhead in Microsoft Word, using a JPEG file, supplied by…


5 tax tips to put you in the driver’s seat at tax time

Guest post written by Andrew Miller, CKC Accountants   Firstly, this is not another boring blog post from your local accountant.  Ok, I am a local accountant, but given my recent attempts…

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Colour psychology of your logo

Choosing a colour scheme for your company can be an exciting and daunting process. The most common question asked is “Does the colour matter? ” – The answer is yes….